Inspiration for InnerWater comes from the former Old Monastery Spa House in Klaster village, Nepomuk, where our company‘s Anglo-Irish founder has lived for more than 10 years. He moved to the Czech Republic after his brother Martin and mother Nora died on the same day. Christmas day.

Looking for a solution to his sadness, he began looking for a house to convert into an Arts centre, to fulfil his mother’s dreams. He was already working as a professional musician, but was also aware of the crisis the world faces with water, and so he began looking for a house to convert near water. This house came up immediately on an internet search.

On arriving at the house, not only did he see that it had a beautiful setting: the garden going down to a lake, and across the lake, a castle sitting on a green hill, he also learnt about its history and spirituality.

Before he went to the house he didn’t know that it was built on the site of an old monastery (Klaster in Czech means monastery). He didn’t know that Nepomuk was famous for St John of Nepomuk, the Patron Saint of the Czech Republic.

And strangely over the coming years he learnt that St John of Nepomuk was also the Patron Saint of Floods. Flooding is one symptom of climate change, and that is why the face of St John is on our products.

John can be called the Saint for what we call today, Climate Change.

Over the years, our founder created various projects to do with Nepomuk and water. In 2017-18 Project Nepomuk (www.projectnepomuk.com), sponsored by the Arts Council of England, created a cultural exchange between Nepomuk, Liverpool where InnerWater is based, and the spa town Frantiskovy Lazne.

The central part of the project was the performance of the founder’s opera “Nepomuk”, an opera about St John and his spiritual battle with King Wenceslaus IV of Bohemia. The central theme of the opera is about water and addiction to power.

His new project continuing this theme is the Aqua Project: