“To understand water is to understand the cosmos, the marvels of nature, and life itself.”
Masaru Emoto

“Things do not change; we change.”

Henry D. Thoreau

The Aqua Project continues the work of Project Nepomuk ( through ‘AquaWebb Ltd‘ founded in 2020.

Aquawebb is a Wellness company whose mission is to create wellness through the life-enhancing positive energies of water, nature and music.

There are 2 activities to achieve this:


“Major Tonic” is the arts and musical side of the company, with the emphasis on arts and music projects raising awareness of the need for sustaining nature.


Inner Water produces associated products to pay for the artsistic and enviromental endeavours of the company.

The central theme of Project Nepomuk and the opera Nepomuk was water.

Inner Water produces sustainable and climate change aware, personal wellness products with a touch of positivity and serendipity.

This pays for the artist work of Major Tonic, which raises awaremess of climate change.

The process is like the ouroboros, a symbol for eternal cyclic renewal or a cycle of life, death, and rebirth.


In former times in the Western world, Holy Wells existed in most communities.

The Monk‘s Holy Well in Wavertree Liverpool can be seen in the picture.

In World religions, water has a special place. The water from this former Monastery Spa House in Klaster, Nepomuk was venerated by monks.

Water connects us all. It is life itself.

Awareness of water and its place in the climate and in nature brings wellness for us and the planet.


Our products enable you to link in directly to nature and water.

Our water comes from specially selected sites from around the globe. From holy places, health spas and places of artistic and spiritual worth.

Water brings its memories of these places to us, and water connects the 7 billion plus of us living today on this planet.

It is a sad fact that the climate crisis we face seems to elude the solutions of politicians. Even demonstrations seem to fail.

What is needed is a change of heart by individuals.

We need water and nature to take a more significant part of our lives, as it did to our ancestors.

When used, our products remind us of that link with the natural world. The often monotonous and time-consuming act of cleaning, is replaced by an act of remembrance of who we are in this world and an affirmation to change ourselves and the environment around us.

We connect out minds and spitits to nature in our cleansing. Water again takes its central position for life and cleansing away what stops life.

St John becomes a symbol again, but not for a specific religion, but for the thoughts and acts of cleansing with positive affirmations.